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What Documents Do I Need to Refinance a Car Loan?

Refinancing a car loan requires you to provide a lot of documentation to the lender. Before starting the application process, you’ll need to pull the necessary documents together. If you’re not sure where you have this information filed away, don’t worry. You can easily request the documents needed to refinance a car loan from the people who initially issued them (your employer, insurance company, etc.).

Keep in mind that each lender will require slightly different documents as part of the car loan refinance application process. Several factors related to your unique situation may also dictate that specific documents may be required. These factors may include:

In general, you will need to provide the following documents to the lender when you refinance a car loan:

Proof of Income

Lenders will want proof of income when evaluating your car loan refinance application. They will use your income information to calculate your payment-to-income ratio, which is a crucial aspect of assessing your risk as a borrower. Before approving your application, the lender will want to be confident that you have the financial means to make your monthly payments.

In some instances, you’ll be asked to provide pay stubs, W-2 tax forms and/or tax returns as proof of income. Your type of employment will dictate the type of documents you’re required to provide:

You can request copies of your W-2 from your employer. If you need to provide tax returns, you can request these online via the IRS website. If you have supplemental forms of income from side gigs, you should provide this income information to the lender as well. It may demonstrate a greater ability to make your monthly payments, which will help your application.

Proof of Residence

proof of residence for car loan refinance Lenders often request proof of residence, most requiring at least two years’ worth. This most often occurs when the address on your driver’s license doesn’t match your home address. As part of proof of residence, lenders will often want to know how much your monthly mortgage or rent payments are, since this information will help demonstrate your ability to make your monthly car loan payments.

You can demonstrate proof of residence with a variety of documents, including:

Proof of Insurance

You’ll need to provide the lender with proof of auto insurance. This can be documented by your insurance ID card or your declarations page from your insurance company. Depending on the amount of your loan, the lender may require that you carry a certain level of coverage to ensure the loan can be paid off in the event that the vehicle is totaled in an accident.

Vehicle Information

You’ll need to provide the following vehicle information when you apply to refinance a car loan:

Current Loan Information

The lender will want to see the following information about your existing car loan:

iLending Makes Providing this Documentation Easy and Hassle Free

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