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Our Values

We Live By Our Core Values

At iLending, we pride ourselves on being a part of one big, happy family. We do this by treasuring our employees, clients, lenders and partners, always looking to do the right thing. We watch out for each other. We take care of each other. We help each other.

We all live by these Core Values here at iLending. Not only do you see them posted around our offices, you can see and hear them in action every day. They are not an empty promise, they truly are a part of who we are and how we conduct ourselves. All day. Every day.

Congratulations to this quarter’s team members for winning our Values Nominations!


Chris Trujillo – Chris works with me hand in hand to get in front of any possible issues before they happen. He helps create a schedule to get things done should there be any change on his team such as vacation and he never points the finger should something fall through just helps to get it corrected. Besides being knowledgeable, he helps in solving problems in sharing workloads and he is a team-focused person.



Adam Cunningham – Any time I have needed something and reached out to Adam whether it’s under his job description or not he has always followed through with his word and I never need to 2nd guess if he is dependable. Integrity is one of his best values. Adam always helps when asked, he is responsive to requests and has a can-do attitude always.



Ken Wright – Ken is our guy, and he does everything he can every day to get our deals funded. He is always helping as much people as he can. When he visited the SC office, he was very interested in getting to know everyone and build relationships and be as helpful as possible to everyone. I nominate the Glizzy God 100%.



Jesse Villalva – Never gives up, never surrenders, never disappoints.  Jesse always lifts the people around him up. He inspires his team members and other fellow employees to channel our greatness for the good of ourselves, our families, and our customers. “You got this!,” “What’s your why?,” and “Get after it!” are just a few of the phrases he’s used to empower people around him by igniting passion, inspiration, and confidence. Jesse reminds us that the sky is the limit, and WE decide how high we go. He is a true leader and a real gift to us here at iLending.  During our team meetings he’s always motivating everyone, not just our team to keep pushing no matter what. He follows through with what he says he is going to do. Also, he takes the time out to care and motivate everyone. He is a true leader.  The first time I met Jesse made an incorrect assumption he would be a big, tough guy. He’s that but also has the biggest heart. Mental health is a huge focus for Jesse. Every day during our team meeting after going over the numbers, he talks about our current climate and how to succeed. Then to reiterate the point he either plays an empowering video or a quiet meditation for reflection. He’ll stop at certain points to reiterate how these correlates to us as humans and salesman. He’s so in tuned with our team so seems to know how to bring up the mood or bring us together. He’s phenomenal at providing us tools outside of standard resources to make our business and ourselves stronger.  If I need access to something he’s more than willing to help me figure out how to get the application needed. I’ve never seen him turn down anyone from any team or department when they need a shoulder or ear. Jesse Villalva is one of the most genuine and amazing managers I’ve been fortunate enough to have impacted my life.



Mickey Allaman – Any questions you have can be answered by the Great Mick!  Mickey is the motor that guides our team and the constant in everything that changes as we go. He always brings that winning energy and is vital to our success here in Columbia. He is the man. The Alla-Man.  He is the man with the answers, he knows our process, our lenders, our systems inside and out.

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