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Other Car Services

iLending Auto Care Services

While car loan refinancing is our primary focus, we also offer a variety of other services that will help make our customers’ lives easier. This is just one of the many ways our exclusive You First Approach™ provides the exceptional experience you deserve.

Learn more about the following car services provided by iLending:

GAP Waivers

iLending Car Care Services | GAP Waiver | Service Contracts | Payment Protection When you purchase auto insurance, you expect that it will make you financially whole in the event of a catastrophic incident such as the theft of your vehicle or an accident resulting in a total loss. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Car values typically depreciate rapidly and in some instances, you may find that the value of your vehicle at the time of a total loss or theft is lower than the amount you owe on your car loan. In these situations, your insurance payment won’t cover the remaining balance on your loan.

You can guard against this by purchasing a GAP waiver. This additional coverage will kick in if your primary insurance isn’t sufficient to pay off the balance of your loan, providing important financial protection. When you refinance with iLending, we can set up a GAP waiver for you, providing you peace of mind that you won’t be stuck with an expensive bill for a vehicle you can no longer drive.

Vehicle Service Contract

When your vehicle breaks down, it can place an unexpected strain on your finances. Often, vehicle repairs after a breakdown are very expensive. In addition, you’ll likely need to pay for a rental vehicle to ensure you’re able to get to and from work. These extra expenses can push you to the limits of your budget and in many cases, force you to take on debt to get your vehicle fixed.

A Vehicle Service Contract helps you guard against these unexpected financial burdens by providing comprehensive coverage in the event that your vehicle breaks down. Depending on the terms of your Vehicle Service Contract, it may provide either full or partial coverage for repairs. Either way, it will significantly minimize the potential of financial hardship in these difficult times.

Talk to your iLending loan consultant to find out how our Vehicle Service Contracts can provide you with peace of mind that you’ll be able to afford costly repairs after a breakdown.

Vehicle Repayment Protection

You’ve crunched all the numbers and know that your monthly car payments can fit into your budget. But what happens if you experience an unexpected change to your financial situation caused by losing your job?

We never expect to find ourselves unemployed, but often losing your job is out of your control. In tough financial times, many businesses will initiate layoffs to cut costs. This can happen to anyone at any time, making it hard to pay your bills.

iLending’s Vehicle Repayment Program protects you in the event that you become unemployed for any reason. With this important protection, you’ll be able to:

Ask your iLending loan consultant about this valuable protection that provides you with important peace of mind in the event that you fall on difficult financial times.

Complete Care

windshield repair Even when you take excellent care of your car, it’s possible that something out of your control will cause unexpected damage. Whether your vehicle is dinged by another car door in a parking lot, road debris hits your windshield on the highway, pot holes damage your tires or your vehicle is damaged in a hail storm, restoring your vehicle can be costly.  Fortunately, there’s a way to reduce the amount you have to pay out of pocket to make these repairs.

iLending’s Complete Care provides a variety of benefits that lessen the financial burden associated with these types of repairs. Complete Care includes:

Paint and Fabric Protection

You take pride in your vehicle and want it to look good. We don’t blame you. It feels great to drive down the road in a beautiful, well maintained car. But it also provides you with important financial benefits – when your vehicle stays in great condition, it will retain its maximum value over time.

iLending can help you achieve this goal. Our Paint & Fabric Protection Package provides additional protection to the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Protect the outside of your vehicle from damage caused by bird droppings, tree sap, water spotting and more. Protect the interior of your vehicle from food, beverage and oil stains, as well as other wear and tear to your upholstery. This is an easy way to preserve the value of your car and keep it looking great for a long time.

Contact us to learn more about these beneficial services that will provide the peace of mind you need.