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Our Story

The iLending parent company was founded in 2006 as Fleet Financial. The original business model was developed to finance fleet vehicles for businesses and their employees.  As the company weathered the global financial crisis in 2007-2008, the business model evolved to what would become iLendingDirect.  As a FinTech startup, we keep evolving each day to best serve our clients.

Why car refinance? Based on our research, one in four auto loans are overpriced, meaning consumers are often paying more in interest than they should be based on their current credit profile. Many of the clients we serve had no idea that refinancing their car loan was even an option for them.

With an infusion of capital in 2021, and a growth mindset driving iLending, we remain laser focused on providing our clients the best lenders and rates, the best experience delivered by a Loan Consultant and the lowest payments possible.

iLending has expanded locations and staffing to include the headquarters office in Denver, Colorado; a satellite office in Austin, Texas; and a new office in Columbia, South Carolina, that opened in September 2021.  The team has grown from a handful to more than 250 with more rapid growth expected to meet client demand.

Denver, CO: 7257 S. Tucson Way, Englewood, CO 80112
Austin, TX: 8000 Centre Park Lane, Unit 160, Austin, TX 78752
Columbia, SC: 1001 Pinnacle Point Drive, Unit 300, Columbia, SC 29223

The passion to help our clients, support our lender network and provide our Team Members a world-class work environment continues. iLending is committed to investing in our business to fulfill on the hypergrowth and scale needed to fulfill on the tremendous demand for car loan refinancing.

As we grow, we continue to live our values and seek to strengthen our purpose-driven brand. While we are where we are today, we do not intend to become stagnant. Our story is one of commitment, passion and a truly empowering group of Team Members focused on our clients and our client goals.