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Tailgating Accessories For Your Car

Must Have Items When Tailgating

Tailgating is a cherished American tradition among sports fans and friends around the country. How did it all get started? The history of this distinctly American tradition goes back nearly 100 years, perhaps more depending on which version you believe. One theory is that the first tailgate party took place during the first college football game between Rutgers University and Princeton University. Apparently, spectators spent their pre-game ritual grilling sausages at the “tail end” of the horse.

Tailgating Essentials

Another story regarding the tailgate party’s origin says that a railway train transporting a large number of fans to a Yale football game in 1904 was delayed, and as the diehard fans were very hungry when they finally arrived, they brought food and beverages to the stadium prior to the start of the game. The most believable theory is that Green Bay Packers fans coined the actual term “tailgating” in 1919. Back then, the fans would back their pickup trucks around the field and fold down their tailgates for seating, bringing favorite picnic foods and beverages to keep from getting hungry during the game.

Whichever theory you ascribe to, you can enjoy the experience of tailgating any way you like, and there are many ways to set up your party. From portable fire pits to tables branded with your favorite team names and logos, tailgating accessories abound. Whether you prefer a pair of inexpensive folding café tables for two, or a table that attaches to your trailer hitch and includes an umbrella and built in cup holders, you can pick up an affordable tailgate table for your party almost anywhere, including online. There’s even a tailgate table with its own built-in metal grill rack, garbage bag holder, paper towel holder, and built-in utensil hooks!

Other practical tailgating accessories for your car include metal or plastic buckets for everything from icing down beverages and keeping food like shrimp and potato salad cold, to smaller buckets that can hold plastic utensils, napkins, and condiments. Tailgating accessories like paper plates and cups emblazoned with game day messages can be found at most party supply stores, with coordinating napkins to bring it all together. Don’t forget the paper towels for cleanup, as well as trash bags and ties to wrap it all up when the party is over.

Arguably the best thing about the tailgate party is the ambiance. Since nobody knows which team will win the game, fans on both sides can mingle during tailgating activities and come together to eat, drink, and be merry without incident. At iLendingDIRECT, we save most of our customers a significant amount of money over the life of their car loan, in many cases it can add up to several thousand dollars. If you would like to refinance your car payments and free up some cash, contact us today at (866) 683-5505 or Apply Now, and let us help you save money on your vehicle
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