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RV Refinancing

RV Loan Refinance

Refinance Your RV Loan and Feel More at Home

When you picked your RV, you knew it would be the perfect home away from home. You’ve traveled many miles in your self-propelled or towed personal space. Sometimes it might even feel more like home than the house you left behind. There’s only one thing that doesn’t feel so homey: the bad terms on your RV loan.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with the bad terms of your old RV loan. iLending gives you the power to kick your old loan to the curb and take up with a new loan that treats you better. Our personal RV refinancing consultant will work hard to understand your personal goals and needs. Then they will help you find the best RV refinancing options for you.


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Is It Worth It to Refinance Your RV?

It can be worthwhile to refinance your RV if you are looking for lower monthly payments. The two biggest benefits of RV refinancing are:

One of the biggest potential gains of RV refinancing is reducing your monthly payment. This is one of the few areas in your budget that you can actually have the power to get a lower rate, unlike rent, utilities, and food, which are constantly going up.

Get a Lower Interest Rate

You may be able to lower your monthly payment by lowering your interest rate. You’re most likely to get a lower interest rate if your financial situation has improved – steady job, higher income, less debt, a cosigner, etc. – but it’s always possible.

How We Find the Best RV Refinancing for You

Our loan process is designed to match everyone with the best RV loan for them. We can’t do that unless we really understand your situation. So we start every loan process with a consultation about your situation and your goals. That way, we know how to prioritize the different aspects of your new RV loan.

Once we understand your situation, we will work together to identify a loan that is best for you. In this process, your RV Loan Consultant will give you the benefit of their extensive financial experience so you can decipher the complicated differences between different loan options.

When you pick the right loan, we will help you understand what information and documentation are necessary to complete the application.

Your Loan Consultant will let you know when your loan is approved. They’ll go over your new payment schedule and show you how much you’ve saved over your previous loan.