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iLending Launches New Brand

Englewood CO – April 4, 2022 – iLending, a national leader in car loan refinancing launched a brand refresh and new Logo designed to better highlight their mission of paying goodness forward by empowering consumers. “iLending was founded in 2006 and as the company enters 2022, we have shortened the company name from iLendingDIRECT to iLending to simplify our brand for the consumer; in addition, we introduced a new icon and wordmark to better reflect and showcase our values,” stated Tom Holgate, CEO.

Careful consideration went into the new logo to ensure it represented infinite opportunities, paying it forward, and the easy refinance process iLending provides their clients. Renee Brown, CMO of iLending shared, “We feel infinite opportunities exist to help one another in this world, and to make things that seem hard, easy. By driving positive impact on our clients’ lives by saving them money and reducing their anxiety, the positive energy created will spread to affect others around them.” Brown added, “Those stories of savings will be shared with friends and family, expanding iLending’s purpose of creating a virtuous cycle of financial freedom.”

The average price of a new car now tops $47,000, according to Kelley Blue Book. That’s $6,220 more than in 2020. Sticker prices traditionally have been a starting number that car buyers negotiate downward. Now some dealers are boasting that they’ll never charge you more than sticker.

At these high prices, the average monthly payment hovers near $800. Throw in inflation, rising gas prices, and grand leaps in housing costs, and car buyers are being squeezed from every direction. iLending helps car owners refinance and lower that $800 payment – saving clients an average of $145/month.

iLending refinances cars with the easiest, most refined, and established process in the industry – reinforced by testimonials from past clients. The new Logo features a stylized check mark, signifying the ease of service provided by a Loan Consultant at a level that most consumers don’t think is possible.  Research shows that consumers perceive car loan refinancing is a long and arduous process. However, iLending clients provide feedback and third-party reviews highlight just how simple, quick, and safe the iLending process is. “iLending is more than a refinance company, we change the world by helping one client at a time to perpetuate a virtuous cycle of savings and helping deliver financial freedom,” said CEO Tom Holgate.

iLending estimates it will save consumers more than $50 million in car loan payments in 2022. In addition, iLending launched the Wheels in Motion Sweepstakes in February, allowing clients who refinance the chance to win a new car. In line with their values, they offer clients the option to Pay it Forward and provide their opportunity to win to someone who may be in more need. iLending remains laser focused on advancing financial freedom to consumers and continued investment in providing the easiest refinance experience available.


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Renee D. Brown, Chief Marketing Officer