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iLending Celebrates $3B Milestone in Car Refinances

Company’s rapid growth fueled by adherence to its core values.

Englewood, CO, Sep. 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — iLending, a national leader in automotive refinancing, announces the noteworthy milestone of surpassing $3 Billion in refinanced car loans – saving consumers an average of $145 per month in car payments, reducing their financial burdens, and improving their peace of mind. iLending has grown from its beginning in 2006 as a FinTech startup to a nationwide industry leader and makes this announcement just over one year from their $2 Billion car refinance milestone in July 2021.

  • $1B Car Refinance: September 2018
  • $2B Car Refinance: July 2021
  • $3B Car Refinance: September 2022

“The ground we have gained these past few years is truly remarkable. This $3B mark is the result of following the guidelines of our core values. We treasure our clients, Team Members, lenders, and partners, and we’re always looking to do the right thing,” iLending’s Chief Executive Officer, Tom Holgate commented. “It’s exhilarating to witness and be part of this celebration, and to keep evolving each day to best serve our clients.”

Holgate continued, “We speak with hundreds of families every day that have been hit hard by these high inflation levels, so we have a deep understanding of the very real hardships being experienced right now. Reaching the $3B milestone means we’ve provided some breathing room to over 127,000 American families, and that means something.”

iLending refinances cars with the easiest, most refined, and established process in the industry. The company estimates it will save consumers more than $50 million in car loan payments in 2022. iLending continues to make significant investments in the business, all aimed at improving the ease people can refinance their car loans.  Additionally, offices in Austin, TX and Columbia, SC have been added to support increasing demand for car loan refinancing.


About iLending

iLending has helped over 127,000 families save more than $190 million in payments on their vehicles to date. In addition, iLending averages over 7% in interest rate reduction for their clients, saving millions of dollars in unnecessary interest charges.

Founded in 2006, iLending is the national leader in car refinancing, saving consumers an average of $145 per month in car payments. Through a best-in-class process and strategic partnerships with lenders nationwide, iLending offers terms that consumers cannot find on their own. iLending exists to empower better financial lives by reducing burdens and improving peace of mind. We are a BBB Accredited Business and maintain an A+ rating.


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