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iLending Launches New Brand

iLending is proud to unveil our new branding, including a fresh logo specifically designed to highlight our company’s mission and values. We put a great deal of thought into the iconography of the new logo to ensure it truly reflects the important benefits you achieve when you refinance your car loan with iLending:

We wanted our branding and our logo to reflect the transformation that is possible when you work with iLending, and we’re thrilled to have created a finished product that aligns so closely with the financial empowerment our clients achieve. This newfound ability to live life to its fullest is reflected in the savings stories shared by many of our clients.

The Meaning Behind Our New Logo

The new logo features a stylized check mark, signifying the ease of service provided by our personal loan consultants, who provide a level of care that is unparalleled in our industry. When you view testimonials from our clients, you’ll see many of them highlight just how simple, quick and safe our car loan refinancing process is.

In addition, the logo is shaped like an infinity symbol to showcase our belief in the infinite possibilities that exist when you leverage the savings associated with a more affordable car loan. On average, our clients save $148 a month. This can be used to pay down other debt, take a family vacation, fund a home improvement project, or just about anything you may need additional funds for.

We also thought carefully about our new color scheme. We ultimately arrived on ruby and gray for the following reasons:


meaning behind the new iLending car loan refinance company logo

More than a Car Loan Refinance Company

While we help you achieve better rates on your car loan, iLending is much more than just a refinance company. We change the world one client at a time by generating a cycle of savings that delivers financial freedom to give you a new lease on life.

The cost of a new car continues to rise rapidly each year. According to Kelley Blue Book, the average price of a new vehicle is over $47,000, which represents a $6,220 increase from 2020. These higher vehicle costs have impacted car loans, and the average monthly payment is now roughly $800. Of course, your car loan payment isn’t the only expense that has risen over the past few years – housing costs and gas prices keep increasing, and inflation is impacting many other monthly expenses. The ability to save $145 a month on your car loan (on average) can significantly help mitigate these other cost of living increases.

We estimate that individuals will save over $50 million in car loan payments in 2022 after refinancing with iLending. We’re proud to be able to provide this level of financial empowerment to our valued customers.

As part of our commitment to providing financial empowerment, we launched our Wheels in Motion Sweepstakes in February. This program gives all individuals who refinance with iLending an opportunity to win a new car. We’re giving away two cars in 2022, and we offer the winners an opportunity to Pay It Forward by donating their new vehicle to someone else who may be in more need.

iLending is dedicated to providing the financial freedom you deserve, and we’re excited to launch a new logo and branding which more effectively conveys this commitment to others.

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