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Auto Refinance Company and Divorce Firm Make an Unlikely Match

Auto Refinance Company and Divorce Firm Make an Unlikely Match

Centennial, Colorado, January 28, 2019 – Colorado-based companies iLendingDIRECT, a national leader in auto refinancing, and Divorce Matters, a top-rated Colorado divorce firm, announced a new partnership that connects legal expertise with one-stop assistance for auto loan retitling and refinance.

From the outside, these services seem unconnected, but Nancy Fitzgerald, President & CEO of iLendingDIRECT, and Doug Thomas, Founder & Managing Partner of Divorce Matters, saw the necessity of this cooperative effort. Shared Thomas, “Vehicle loans have a big impact on your credit. If you are awarded a vehicle during the divorce process and your spouse’s name is attached to the loan, you may need to refinance to remove their name from the loan. That’s where a referral to iLendingDIRECT can help our clients.” Added Fitzgerald “Not only can iLendingDIRECT take care of the refinance and retitling process, but our expert loan consultants can manage all the details in as little as a week, and clients don’t have to step foot in the DMV. Having such a quick turnaround makes life a little easier during a stressful time.”

From iLendingDIRECT’s perspective, partnering with Divorce Matters also made sense. According to Nancy Fitzgerald, “We talk to thousands of people each year, each going through their unique financial hurdles. To best help them save money, our trained loan consultants get to the root of the issues creating financial stress. In some cases, you learn that the customer is going through a divorce and we’re honored to offer another level of support by referring them to Divorce Matters. iLendingDIRECT and Divorce Matters both put helping families first, so from that standpoint, there’s a lot of connection between our worlds.”


Founded in 2006, iLendingDIRECT is a national leader in vehicle refinancing that focuses on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and RVs. Through strategic partnerships with credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions nationwide, the company offers competitive interest rates on auto loans and creative financing solutions to thousands of consumers a year. iLendingDIRECT is a Better Business Bureau® Accredited Business and maintains an A+ rating. The company also won first place in the 2018 BBB Torch Awards for Business Ethics in the large business category for demonstrating the highest level of credibility, trust, and transaction excellence while saving people money.

Divorce Matters

Divorce Matters® is a Colorado-proud family law firm with a team of experienced divorce lawyers dedicated to protecting our clients’ best interests. We’re also mothers, fathers, cohabitants, and divorcees ourselves, so we’re intimately familiar with the range of emotions, piles of paperwork, and deluge of decisions that crop up when you seek legal help to resolve a family issue. Whether you’re pondering a divorce, drafting a prenuptial agreement, or welcoming a new member into your family, we’ll help you take control of the situation and prepare you—financially, emotionally, and logistically—for the future.

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