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Team Member Client Referral Terms of Use

iLending Team Member New Client Referral Program – Terms & Conditions


Team Members who are in good standing and actively employed at the time of Bonus Payouts are eligible to receive a Client Referral Bonus Payment.

**Any Prospect that is already in the system under a different lead source is NOT eligible for the Team Member Referral Bonus Payment.**


Team Members can refer new client prospects by completing all fields located here:

Team Members who wish to refer a prospective client must:

Once the Team Member submits the Form, the referred prospect’s information will be loaded into PHX and the lead will be worked via Standard Operating Procedure. (SOP)

Team Members shall never use the Client Referral process in any fraudulent manner.  This includes replacing/changing any current & prospective lead source or sharing the internal link on outside, consumer facing platforms.  All Team Member Referrals must come through iConnect and the internal lead form.  No Phone Appends or manual creation of Team Member Referral Leads is allowed. The Client Referral link is for internal, Team Member use only.  Any fraudulent use of this program can and may include progressive discipline up to and including termination of employment.

Bonus Payments

Team Members are eligible to receive a Client Referral Bonus Payment when they refer a new prospect(s) via the approved process.  Bonus Payment and amounts are solely based on Prospect becoming a Client and fully refinancing their loan with iLending and meeting all eligibility requirements.

Payment Logistics

*If an email other than the Team Member’s iLending Work Email address is used, the Team Member will not be eligible for the $100 Bonus Payment.  Team Member MUST use iLending Work Email Address.

Payment Amounts are subject to change.  All Bonus Payment decisions are subject to approval by the Executive Team and are final.