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Referral Program Holiday 150 Promotion

Share Your Car Refinance Experience. Earn a $150 Gift Card!

Just in time for the Holiday Season, we are upping our Referral game!  Now, when you take advantage of the iLending Referral Program, you will earn a $150 Gift Card for you AND your friends, family members, neighbors or just about anyone you know that could benefit from a car loan refinance will get one as well!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Provide your info
  2. Share contact information about your Referrals
  3. Submit

We do the rest!  We’ll reach out and provide them great service and work hard to help save them money on their car loan.

Once the person (or persons!) you refer refinances and funds a new loan, you both earn a $150 Gift Card of your choice!  It’s really that easy.


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